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Financial transactions matter because they are signals of corporate strategy. You may be raising capital, making an acquisition, disposing of a business, or seeking a wider market for your company's shares on a stock market. Whatever the reason, you want to complete the deal efficiently and get the best value. We provide the right blend of skills and experience to help clients achieve their goals.

Our services:​


Valuing your business is an important but difficult task that requires professional expertise. Our valuation services support enterprises of all sizes in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, shareholder dispute resolutions, bankruptcies, employee stock ownership plans and initial public offerings. We also conduct independent valuations for litigation, tax and financial reporting. Valuation should not be a mechanical process. We use a variety of methodologies and techniques and apply our skill and judgement in providing you with quality valuation services.


Ever dreamt of acquiring an ownership interest in the business that you have been managing, or even in another business that you are familiar with? If you are part of a management team looking to achieve a substantial equity interest in a business, either by way of a management buy-in (MBI) or management buy-out (MBO), our services may just be what you need to realise that dream; be it a domestic or cross border transaction.  At Foo Kon Tan, we have the expertise as well as the support from other peer member firms of HLB International to advise management on the principal stages of MBI and MBO, facilitating a smooth ownership transfer without major business interruption.

Management buy-in (MBI)
An MBI is the purchase of a business by an outside team of managers who plan to manage the business actively themselves.

Management buy-out (MBO)
An MBO is the purchase of a business by its existing management team who after the transaction will have substantial interests in the company.

MBI and MBO are usually financed with the help of financial institutions.

We can assist you with:

  • Assessing the viability of management's business strategy and appraising the potential risks and rewards 

  • Assisting in negotiations 

  • Identifying and securing the source of finance

Benefits of engaging us include:

  • Finding suitable co-investors for the transaction 

  • Obtaining impartial advice on financing as we are independent from finance providers 

  • Assisting in negotiations between owners and management 

  • Advising on commercial issues, pricing and other financial aspects of the deal 

  • Receiving innovative solutions to the problems encountered in the MBI/MBO process


Acquiring or merging with an existing business is one of the quickest ways to strengthen your market position and achieve rapid growth. Whatever your reasons for considering a merger or an acquisition, we can help you through the process from initial planning to execution and deal completion.

Our services include : 

  • Assessing the M&A strategy 

  • Developing and implementing the M&A strategy 

  • Identifying suitable targets either locally or abroad 

  • Investigating potential targets and initiating discussions 

  • Negotiating, structuring and closing the deal 

Benefits of engaging us include:

  • Access to HLB International member firms in more than 130 countries enables you to identify and complete cross-border M&A deals 

  • Saving significant costs on search and process management 

  • Ability to focus on running your business while we coordinate the M&A process from critical planning stages to completion 

  • Preserves confidentiality, preventing your plans from becoming public until you are ready


Your business may require additional capital at different stages of its life cycle. It may be that capital is required to fund growth, acquisitions, recapitalisation, or even leverage on buy-out. Raising finance is not a simple task of borrowing - it is about finding the optimum funding structure for a particular business to meet its specific strategy. The amount of capital raised and the terms offered depend substantially on what capital providers believe a company will return to them and how they perceive the "value" in the business.

Here we focus on enabling prospective investors and other providers of capital to appreciate and understand the "value" in your business so that your capital raising exercise will be successful. 

Our services include : 

  • Advising on suitable financing structures and alternatives according to your financing needs 

  • Developing a marketing strategy to maximize value to existing shareholders (while ensuring realistic pricing/valuation expectations) 

  • Packaging and marketing the business and investment proposition to prospective local, regional and global investors 

  • Facilitating and overseeing transaction negotiation, coordinating other advisory groups, and providing overall deal/process management through to completion 

  • Advising on various capital structures 

Benefits of engaging us include:

  • Receiving objective and comprehensive advice for raising capital as we add value throughout the financing process, from evaluating your capital needs and structuring the financing to identifying investors and negotiating terms to final closing. 

  • Saving you time and costs as our long-standing relationships with institutional, private equity and venture capital investors allow us to structure competitive, flexible financing alternatives. 


We understand that selling your business is a very important decision, and emotional stress cannot be ruled out. Here we will provide you with the expertise and global reach to help you achieve the best possible terms for the transaction. We can help you to find a suitable buyer locally or in other parts of the world. With our assistance, your intentions and identity will be kept confidential until the appropriate time. More importantly, you will be able to focus on running your business, which is critical in order to maintain its value.

Our services include:

  • Identifying and assessing prospective buyers 

  • Marketing the business to your greatest advantage while protecting your confidentiality 

  • Negotiating with potential buyers to maximize your sale value 

  • Executing the transaction successfully with our knowledge of statutory and regulatory requirements 

  • Managing the whole process by working with various advisers and parties involved in the deal. 

Benefits of engaging us include:

  • Access to HLB member firms in more than 130 countries enables you to identify and complete cross-border deals 

  • Allows you to focus on running your business while we coordinate the selling process from critical planning stages to completion 

  • Preserves confidentiality, preventing your plans from becoming public until you are ready. 

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Director (Corporate Finance)


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