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Foo Kon Tan LLP is one of Singapore’s most established and respected accountancy practices. We can trace our roots to 1968 when the original firm was founded and became known as Foo, Kon & Tan. Over the years, a dynamic and inspirational leadership team changed the firm’s structure to provide a holistic one-stop business and advisory solutions to discerning clients. Today, ‘Foo Kon Tan’ (FKT) is the brand name under which Foo Kon Tan LLP, Chartered Accountants of Singapore and its associated companies provide a full range of assurance, tax and advisory services to help clients navigate the ever changing dynamics of the business and regulatory environments in the domestic as well as global markets. We are amongst the top 7 accountancy practices in Singapore.

How we work

FKT people are inspired to work together and are proud to identify ourselves as dedicated professionals delivering a full range of services tailored to the needs of our clients. Proactive teams, led by approachable partners, use insights, experience and fresh perspective to understand complex issues faced by clients to help clients overcome challenges, find workable solutions and unlock opportunities.


We are interested in our clients, their challenges and their growth ambitions. Instead of coming with ready-made answers, we listen, ask intelligent and at times tough and probing questions, and engage clients in a wider business discussion. Clients get personal, hands-on services from partners and senior people who have been and continue to be the hall mark of the FKT client experience. 

Our professionals have been dedicated to serving the needs of privately held businesses and public interest entities for more than 40 years. With experience in both the private and public sectors across a variety of industries, our professionals are intent on helping you and your business achieve success and realise your ambitions. Whether we are acting as independent auditors, advising on funding, looking into tax issues, or restructuring a business, meeting our clients' objectives through practical solution is our commitment to clients. 


  • We understand organisations that are going through change and that need advice and support; because we too share the characteristics of ambition and dynamism.

  • Many clients have been with us since they or we started business and many are listed on the Singapore Exchange as well as in other capital markets. Others have become leading brand names.

  • Leadership in our profession, in the business community.

  • Independence and ethical standards is one of no compromise. 

We are a principal member of HLB International, a network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers. We have access to the extensive on-the-ground expertise of independent peer member firms in over 130 countries. Clients have confidence their needs are covered wherever they choose to operate.  

Our History



Our Logo

Our associates

Foo Kon Tan (‘FKT’) is the brand name under which advisory and consultancy services are provided to national and global clients. 
Foo Kon Tan Advisory Services Pte Ltd 
Foo Kon Tan Corporate Finance Pte Ltd
Foo Kon Tan Technology Advisory Pte Ltd 
Foo Kon Tan Transaction Services Pte Ltd
Foo, Kon & Tan Consultants Pte Ltd
Capital Governance (S) Pte Ltd

3 cups




represents a closely-knit cohesive organisation.

Gold Circles

symbolize prosperity and wealth and represents our ambition to serve global clients

Open Corners

represents open-mindedness and collaboration, and our open door policy that welcomes talent to work and grow


associated with warmth and energy.


represents a strong foundation of trust, dependability, commitment, and stability.

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