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Financial Services is a key sector at the forefront of an increasingly integrated world. In managing the rapid globalisation of finance, financial regulations have likewise become more sophisticated and complex.

Capital Governance (S) Pte Ltd, a fully owned entity of Foo Kon Tan LLP, provides a comprehensive range of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) solutions to clients aimed at enhancing their overall GRC capabilities in the finance sector. Our professionals bring clarity and depth, and most importantly – practical solutions - to dynamic and complex regulatory environments. 

We provide support to a wide range of capital markets operators and financial sub-sectors:

  • Dealing in securities

  • Trading in futures contracts

  • Leveraged foreign exchange trading

  • Advising on corporate finance

  • Fund management

  • Securities financing

  • Providing custodial services for securities

  • Real estate investment trust management

  • Providing credit rating services

  • Financial advisory

  • Insurance broking

  • Money changing & remittance.

Our services:

  • Licensing
    Licensing is at the very beginning of a financial services business. Our service starts from assisting our clients in understanding the licensing criteria pertinent to their intended activities through to assistance in the application process.

  • Advisory   
    Our advisory services encompass a range of capabilities, structured to support our clients’ business needs. Our approach is to assist our clients in exploring a range of solutions and implementation, either specific to an operational area or enterprise-wide.

  • Compliance 
    Given the increasingly granular application of financial regulations, many financial firms are obligated with significant responsibilities in the areas of client on-boarding & monitoring, and reporting to the authorities. Our compliance resource support enables financial firms to access competent and reliable resources with flexibility and cost-effectiveness. We also help clients to gain an independent assessment of the compliance deficiencies.

  • Training
    Effective training is no longer an optional item, often it is part of the requirement to meet professional qualifications as well as to comply with regulations. Our training services are customised to meet our clients’ specific needs.

    Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) are initiatives that have transcended geographical boundaries. Global bodies such as the Financial Action Task Force, and United Nations have actively garnered international cooperation to promulgate local-level legislation to combat money laundering, terrorism and proliferation financing. We aim to ensure that our clients are fully informed of the latest regulations and give effect to the substantial AML/CFT obligations of a financial firm.

  • Technology consulting
    Technology is fundamental to financial services. We partner with a strong panel of reputable technologyplayers, to provide our clients with technology solutions that can enhance their GRC functions.

  • Research 
    The finance sector is served by many capable financial institutions, and research may hold the key to niche opportunities. We have proven expertise in industry research and aim to bring insights to our clients to enhance their decision-making. 

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Head (Corporate Governance and Sustainability)


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