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Collection of Trophies


Nurturing young talents to ensure a constant flow of trained professionals for the industry is also one of our key thrust that reflects our commitment to the industry. Foo Kon Tan LLP offers scholarships and book prizes for outstanding accounting students in polytechnics and universities to help them reach greater heights. 

The scholarships we offer include:

What our scholars say:

This award has given me the extra drive to maximise my full potential in my studies and ultimately my future profession. It has also inspired me to help my peers out in the school’s community. The chance to have an internship also grants me an insight into the workplace and puts greater meaning into my education whilst in SMU.

Russell Sim

Being a recipient of The Foo Kon Tan Scholarship 2014 is something I am blessed with and grateful for. 

SMU Scholarship Holder, 2014

I am very grateful that this scholarship comes at an opportune time in providing me with the financial support needed for my education. In fact, the faith put in me by Foo Kon Tan motivated me to manage challenges with a positive attitude and to seek greater height of excellence in the accounting field.

Tiffany Lee

The scholarship provided recognition for my academic achievements in SMU.

SMU Scholarship Holder, 2014

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