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Is Accountancy a sunset industry?

Definitely not! While it’s true that technological advances have allowed us to be more accurate, comprehensive, and efficient in our work as well as freeing us from repetitive and mundane tasks, there is still a need for that human factor that technology cannot replicate. At the end of the day, the human mind is still very much needed to assess, analyse, make high-level thinking decisions and handle complex human interactions. People are needed to fill the void that technology can’t!


Can non-accountancy graduates join us?

Naturally, we would prefer students with an accountancy background, for audit and accountancy-related functions. That said, we’re cognisant of the ever-evolving landscape of the industry. As such, we will also recruit polytechnic graduates from non-accounting disciplines, who are keen on becoming chartered accountants in Singapore and have enrolled in the qualification programme under the Singapore Chartered Accountants Qualification (SCAQ) program. The existing requirement for polytechnic graduates to pursue an advanced diploma prior to enrolling in the SCAQ has been scrapped. However, for other corporate positions in FKT (e.g. Human Resource, IT, Finance) we are open to consider students from other fields of study.


Do we employ / recruit non-graduates?

Yes, we are open to consider students who are non-graduates.


Is there a HiPo scheme?

At FKT, we have a HiPo program which is future focused. We provide you with a tailored career map that specifically identifies the path for your forward progress, including additional development opportunities, anticipated assignment, and potential advancement. We promote on merit; as long as staff display excellent performance and the potential for higher roles, he/she will definitely be considered for an accelerated path.


I’m interested to intern at FKT. What short-term and long-term opportunities are there, and what do interns do?

Our internships usually run for 3-4 months. Our interns are exposed to the fundamentals and operations of the department that they are in. They would also shadow a supervisor during client visits, and get a taste of client handling and business decision-making. Where possible, we try to our have interns work on short-term projects, so that they are able to contribute meaningfully and also take pride in having seen a project from conceptualisation to fruition. 

For longer-term arrangements, students who have interned with us before and are keen to continue pursuing a career in FKT have the opportunity to join us on a temporary-staff basis when they are able to, such as during school breaks. This will help you gain more skills and knowledge in this industry, and also the potential for a permanent position right after your graduation!


What does FKT do? What departments can I join?

Foo Kon Tan LLP and its associated companies provide a full range of assurance, tax and advisory services to help clients navigate the ever changing business and regulatory environment both locally as well as globally. In short, we are a one-stop-shop for all our clients’ business needs. 

1. Assurance – We enhance the value of audit services to businesses, ensuring the integrity of financial information and helping to reduce compliance costs. 

2. Tax Advisory a & Compliance -Tax laws are constantly changing and, as businesses become more international than ever, dealing with the increasing complexity of tax laws and their financial impact is a major challenge. Our tax specialists have the depth and breadth of experience in a diverse range of taxation issues to help you maximize your tax return. 

3. Business Software Solutions – We help business owners identify and select the most appropriate Sage business software solutions. Working with SMEs from start-ups to mid-market enterprises, our certified consultants’ implementation know-how, combined with strong technical expertise in customisation and integration of Sage 300 for specific work processes, create seamless, effective solutions at every step of the business life cycle. 

4. Quality Controls - To meet the increasing demands of regulatory and legal requirements, we offer training services to help companies understand and comply with the latest changes. 

5. International Business – We support international investors looking to move their business into foreign territories. We provide a one-stop-shop services such as payroll, bookkeeping, tax, reporting and legal secretarial compliance.


What is the culture at FKT like?

People are our most valuable asset, therefore we aspire to make sure that all employees are looked after at FKT. We provide an inclusive and welcoming environment to all employees, with friendly colleagues and approachable seniors, managers and partners.


Would training be provided?

Yes, On-Job (OJT) Training opportunities, as well as job-shadowing, learning and professional training are provided to help our employees advance in their professional development.


How does an internship help with my studies?

What you learn in the classroom and what you experience in the working world can be quite different. This is not to discount the importance of studies; in fact, experiencing first-hand the ins and outs of the working world will help actualise and validate the various theories and lessons that you learn at school. 

With an internship, it gives you the opportunity to have a glimpse of the working world while you’re still in school. You can also use this opportunity to assess whether or not this would be a viable career path you would like to pursue after graduation.


How much remuneration do interns get?

FKT’s internship pay is comparable with the market standard. Should you be selected for an internship, our HR team will brief you on the overall package for your consideration before contract-signing.


When are the intern intake periods?

Typically, our intakes are from May to July (for those pursuing a degree) and Sep to Jan (for those pursuing a diploma). That said, we accept internships whole year round. If you are keen, do drop us an email with your CV to


How do we apply for an internship?

Just drop us an email with your CV to and the HR team will get back to you should you be selected for our internship programme.

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